惠靈頓Health assignment代寫 健康促進

2020-05-19 14:46

正如健康促進有五種方法(見附錄D)所定義的,海報是關于行為改變的,因為它正在積極促進正念療法以減少壓力,并鼓勵個人改變他們的行為和促進健康。參與正念可以幫助授權和教育個人在治療的好處,以減少壓力和減輕身體和心理癥狀(瓦特,2012)。通過使用這種方法,它為衛生專業人員提供了對個人進行教育和咨詢的機會,以鼓勵他們采取下一步行動。因為正念是一種替代療法,個人可能不愿意嘗試它,因為擔心它可能沒有用,或者不相信替代療法在減輕壓力方面是有益的。然而,實踐正念被證明可以減輕壓力,而且沒有與藥物相關的負面副作用(聯合處方委員會,2016)。作為一個以群體為目標的海報,個體可以從同伴的鼓勵中獲得更多的成功,這已被證明是有效的(Sarrami-Foroushani, et al., 2014)。這對于防止個人在缺乏動力和支持的情況下從一個階段向另一個階段奮力前進的障礙是很有價值的。經濟和社會環境可能是個人實施新的健康行為的障礙,即使他們愿意(Norheim & Asada, 2010)。Dahlgren和Whitehead(1991)討論了健康的影響層次和它的生態和社會模型(見附錄E),他們將個人、疾病和環境之間的關系聯系起來。這個模型能讓我們更好地理解為什么有些人覺得保持健康更容易。健康的妥協來自于模型中概述的各種障礙的復雜性(Dahlgren et al ., 1991)。通過了解這個模型,它有助于確定影響健康的因素以及對社會和個人健康的障礙。正念海報針對所有工作中的社會經濟群體和個人。重要的是,在制作海報時要記住這一點,這樣它才有廣泛的受眾,不會讓任何人感到孤立或疏遠。對個人來說,壓力的負面決定因素可能是缺乏適當的服務來提供信息、缺乏支持、恥辱感和工作條件差的較低的社會經濟地位。正念課程將使個人有機會在工作場所練習正念,并在管理他們的壓力水平方面保持新的技能,這將有助于克服其中的一些障礙。從理論上講,這將減少風險因素,例如家庭內部的負面影響、進一步的精神健康問題以及由于壓力將會減少而生病導致的工資損失。雖然人們在參加正念之前可能會感到憂慮,但人們希望個體能更好地適應這種感覺,能夠更好地應對他們的壓力水平,并對他們的幸福有更積極的看法。
惠靈頓Health assignment代寫 健康促進
As defined by there are five approaches to health promotion (see appendix D).  The poster is at a behaviour change as it is actively promoting mindfulness therapy to reduce stress and encouraging individuals to change their behaviour and promote well-being. Engaging in mindfulness could help to empower and educate individuals in the benefits of the therapy to reduce stress and alleviate the physical and psychological symptoms (Watt, 2012).  By utilizing this method, it provides the health professional the opportunity to educate and council the individual to encourage them to take the next step.  As mindfulness is an alternative therapy, individuals may not be willing to try it due to fear it may not be useful or not believing an alternative therapy would be beneficial in reducing stress.  However, practicing mindfulness is proven to reduce stress and does not have the negative side effects associated with medications (Joint Formulary Committee, 2016). As a group aimed poster, individuals may gain more success from peer encouragement which has been proven to be effective (Sarrami-Foroushani, et al., 2014). This could be valuable in preventing the barrier of individuals struggling to progress from one stage to another without a reversal due to lack of motivation and support . Economic and social circumstances may be a barrier to individuals carrying out new health behaviours, even if they would like to (Norheim & Asada, 2010).  Dahlgren and Whitehead (1991) discuss the layers of influence on health and it’s ecological and social model (see appendix E).  They make a link to the relationship between the individual, disease and environment.  This model enables us to have a better understanding of why some people find it easier to maintain their health.  The compromise on health comes from the complexity of various barriers as outlined in the model (Dahlgren et al, 1991).  By understanding this model it helps to identify what influences health and the barriers to societal and individual health. The mindfulness poster is aimed at all socioeconomic groups and individuals at work.  It is essential that this was kept in mind when producing the poster so that it has a wide audience and does not make anyone feel isolated or alienated.  The negative determinants of stress to an individual may be lack of appropriate services to signpost for information, lack of support, stigma and lower socioeconomic status with poor working conditions.  The mindfulness course would give individuals the opportunity to practice mindfulness at the workplace and maintain new skills in managing their stress levels, which would help to combat some of these barriers.  This in theory would reduce risk factors such as negative effects within the family, further mental health issues and loss of pay through sickness as stress would be reduced.  Although people may feel apprehensive before taking part in mindfulness, it is hoped that the individual would adapt to feel better able to cope with their stress levels and have a more positive outlook on their well-being.
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