英國代寫essay 移動通信

2016-12-20 10:48

论文代写靠谱吗?,留学生CS代写|Java编程|C作业|C++程序|Python代码代做 如今,更多的服務,如多媒體服務、數據服務、電子政務、電子商務和通信系統提供的網絡服務,安全的網絡和服務信息通信系統以及安全使用網絡資源已成為一個緊迫的問題。同時提供高品質生活,多樣化的功能也在各個方面引起安全問題。對這些問題的解決直接關系到推廣新的通信系統和用戶的利益,制造商和運營商。我們將采取的例子GSM、3 g和移動IP支持邁克Elgan的意見。

论文代写靠谱吗?,留学生CS代写|Java编程|C作业|C++程序|Python代码代做 各種2 g技術已廣泛應用于移動通信網絡建設世界各地,其中基于TDMA的GSM系統是應用最廣泛和最重要的網絡,為3 g系統奠定了基礎。GSM提供的安全機制,包括身份驗證、數據隱私功能,身份保護和密碼算法。通過驗證用戶避免未經授權的訪問,它可以防止用戶的身份被濫用;通過加密空中接口的傳輸,避免竊聽用戶信息通過無線通道,保護用戶的隱私,采用分離和終端硬件設備(SIM卡)作為安全模塊,它管理用戶的信息和提高安全;通過替換用戶的臨時身份永久身份界面,攻擊者不能跟蹤GSM用戶通過無線通道。然而,使用特殊的GSM竊聽裝置,竊聽者可以獲得臨時移動用戶的身份和位置信息計算用戶的數量在一個特定時間和在一個特定的區域。通過這樣做,攻擊者可以獲得他們需要的信息通過分析計算信息和尋求非法利潤,對用戶的隱私造成重大損害。

相比第一代模擬移動通信和第二代數字移動通信、第三代移動通信被廣泛使用作為一個多媒體移動通信世界各地。3 g系統的特點之一是,它可以使用世界各地的人們可以與他人溝通在任何時間和任何地方。也就是說,每個用戶都有一個個人通信號碼。不管你想要哪個國家,人們可以通過手機聯系你。與此同時,如果你在國外,你也可以聯系國內用戶或用戶在其他國家很容易就像你在自己的國家。與GSM機制相比,3 g系統使得兩個改進。身份驗證基于序列號解決問題由于用戶采用GSM系統不能驗證網絡并確保密鑰生成的驗證密鑰協議的新鮮,以防止用戶攻擊時,攻擊者重放身份驗證數據以及現有GSM系統抵抗偽造攻擊。3 g系統還提供了一個增強的機制來驗證用戶的身份與采用集團主要以保護安全傳輸用戶的永久標識。然而,這項決議仍然是不夠的。系統將采用永久身份認證機制當用戶第一次注冊服務凈或服務失敗獲得用戶的永久身份通過臨時身份,不能連接到訪問VLRo或不能搜索用戶的身份數據。

英國代寫essay 移動通信

Nowadays, with more services like multi-media service, data service, e-government, e-commerce and internet service provided by communication system, the safety of internet and service information in communication system as well as safe usage of network resource have become a pressing issue. While providing people with high quality life, diversified functions also cause safety problems in all aspects. The solution to these problems is directly related to popularization of new communication system and interests of users, manufacturers as well as operators. We will take the example of GSM, 3G and mobile IP to support Mike Elgan’s opinion.

Various 2G technologies have been widely used for building mobile communication network all over the world, among which GSM system based on TDMA is the most widely used and the most important network and lays the foundation for 3G system. Security mechanisms provided by GSM include identity authentication, data privacy function, identity protection and cipher algorithm. By authenticating users to avoid unauthorized access, it prevents user’s identity from being misused; by encrypting the transmission of air interface to avoid eavesdropping user’s information through wireless channel, it protects user’s privacy; by adopting separate and terminal hardware devices (SIM card) as safety module, it manages users’ information and enhances security; by replacing user’s temporary identity with permanent identity on the interface, attackers can not track GSM users through wireless channel. However, with special GSM eavesdropping devices, eavesdroppers can acquire temporary mobile user’s information on identity and location thus calculate the number of users at a specific time and in a specific area. By doing so, attackers can get the information they need by analyzing the calculated information and seek illegal profits, which causes great damage to user’s privacy.

Compared to the first-generation analog mobile communication and the second-generation digital mobile communication, the third-generation mobile communication is widely used all around the world as a multimedia mobile communication. One of the characteristics of 3G system is that it can be used all over the world and it is possible for people to communicate with others at any time and in any place. That is to say, each user has a personal telecommunication number. No matter which country you want to, people can contact you through cellphone. At the same time, if you are in foreign countries, you can also contact domestic user or user in other countries easily just like you are in your own country. Compared to mechanism of GSM, 3G system has made two improvements. Identity authentication based on serial number solves the problem due to users adopting GSM system can not authenticate the network and ensures the freshness of key generated by authenticated key agreement to prevent users from the attack when attackers replay authentication data as well as resists the forge attack existing in the GSM system. 3G system also provides an enhanced mechanism for authenticating user’s identity with the adoption of group key so as to protect the security while transmitting user’s permanent identity. However, this resolution is still not enough. System will adopt permanent identity authentication mechanism when users first register service net or service net fails to acquire users’ permanent identity via temporary identity and can not connect to the accessed VLRo or can not search users’ identity data.